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Our online courses are a comprehensive way for you to begin your music career. We help you understand how to lay a firm foundation for mixing any music genre that you create.

How Our Lessons Are Structured

We have five different courses all designed to make you the best producer or mixer you can be. We have well-structured lessons that introduce you to the basics of Pro Tools and Studio One. Using that as the base, we teach you complex lessons that will improve your skills.

Our Studio One and Pro Tools courses will teach you fundamentals, including exercises and cheat sheets for faster results. We’ll touch system optimization for running large sessions. We’ll also show the importance of proper input levels for recording. These courses are the basics you should know in order to use these tools efficiently for any music project.

The Console 1 course is great for beginning engineers. In this course, you’ll learn the fundamentals of mixing on Console 1 the SSL 4000 E plugin. This plugin has been used on tons of Grammy-winning productions. You will start with the overview and setup of the hardware in order to set up your first mixing template. And in mastering these basics, you can customize and save channel strips for future projects.

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Benefits of Learning from Us

There is a way to create professional musical mixing without paying an arm and a leg. Through Pulsating Waves, you will have all the tools right at your fingers for a small fraction of the price. We offer courses on Console 1, Studio One, Pro Tools, and genre-based mixing – EDM and Hip Hop. The Pro Tools course should be done first to establish a solid foundation, and it only costs $24 per month with an annual membership. Other than that, the single price courses cost $79.

At Pulsating Waves, you will learn from professional mix engineers who have worked with some of the best producers. With us, you can advance your own music to professional status. It gives us great pleasure to reach out and teach others to perfect their craft. We are also confident that we can help you excel with the strategies and concepts we’ll cover through our various online tutorials.

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Who Should Apply

Some courses are designed to assist beginners who want to become pros at mixing Hip Hop while others are for those who want to take their talent to the pro level. We have hours of prerecorded lessons that will prove quite fascinating. We also understand that some may need more time to view the lessons. So we ensure that students can view the courses as many times as they wish.

The lessons are streamed in high quality and with excellent audio demonstrations. In addition, simple English is used to explain complex and technical aspects to our students. The best part about our teaching service is that the prices are quite low. Right now, the music industry pays mix masters quite well. It could be the beginning of the biggest breakthrough in your life with our professionally prepared lessons.

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Why You Should Choose Us

Not everything on our site is for sale. You will also get the chance to learn some free lessons on our blog. Besides that, we keep up with the latest developments in the music industry. Thus, if a new plugin is released, you can expect to learn about it on our site.

If you want to access the premium lessons, you only have to pay a small fee. However, we also have many free lessons that you can view. Our site works well on different devices. You can always continue with some of your lessons even when you are out on the road.

Reach out to us via email at any time, and we will be sure to get back to you. We are always ready to offer clarification where it is needed.

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“This is an excellent course. The presentation is clear and it covers a lot of territory quickly with information delivered in a very concise way. One can acquire skill after skill, step by step and it is a course one can replay while on Pro Tools in a practice session using the course as a step by step guide through an array of the most important basic features. It is very well organized and keenly focused and delivered in a nice tone. The audio and visuals are well done and thus the over all clarity of the course is very appealing.”

Lisa Kirchner


“evan tho i have had the c1 for sometime now its nice to fully understand the product so you can get the best out of the product. I learnt somthing new from the “filters to compressor setting” to the “external sidechain” section in the course. well done Alex on this great tut :)”

Robbie Billups

Jingle Producer

“I had already mixed an entire album with Console 1 before taking this course. The course is very well made and helped me to increase my knowledge of the Console 1 even further.”

Amadeus Paulussen

Recording Artist

“Loved the Class and I find myself watching it over and over to become more efficient with the C1.”

Donald Fleming

Recording Artist

Alex Pro Mix

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