Mixing EDM Tracks

From Top to Drop

by Alex Solano

Electronic Dance Music has made it’s way into mainstream and Pop releases. From music production techniques to rocking huge audiences, having a high-energy production track requires a creative and artistic mind. Learn how to create impactful, crystal-clear dance mixes with Logic Pro X in this EDM mixing course by Alex Solano.

Course Layout

This video course is broken up into single videos that show you everything from importing tracks, setting up a mix template, and mastering with plugins. We dive into mixing techniques specifically for EDM but also apply to Pop genres. By using parallel distortion and multiband compression you can use these tips to enhance your own music productions.

Pay as you Learn

Each video is hosted on YouTube and is available for rent at an introductory price available to everyone.

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mixing course










Let’s Dive in

  1. Importing Tracks
  2. Setting up and Gain Staging
  3. Song Markers
  4. Mix Template I
  5. Mix Template II
  6. Mix Balance I
  7. Mix Balance II
  8. Drum Mix I
  9. Drum Mix II
  10. Drum Mix III
  11. Drum Mix IV
  12. Synth Lead I
  13. Synth Lead II
  14. Horns and Instruments
  15. Vocal Resample
  16. Sound Effects and Risers
  17. Mastering I
  18. Mastering II

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