T-RackS 5 Makes a Hit!


For those of you who have faithfully followed my videos from years past, you probably noticed a shift in 2017.

What happened?


For starters, I’m still very passionate about teaching and making videos, but the pendulum swang to mixing and mastering. Hence, the recent activity on Alex Pro Mix

Amongst the choice clients that I’ve had a privilege to work with, is a young and talented duo consisting of a male rapper and female violinist by the name B-L’AttitudeAs you’ll hear in the music video provided with this post, the mixing decisions took careful consideration to the lead instrument(s), the violin and the vocals.

As many of you already know, I’m a big gear head. I love using analog, digital, virtual, hardware, you name it. But one of the plug-ins that I found myself using extensively across this album is T-RackS from IK Multimedia.

Custom Chain


T-RackS allows me to build my own plug-in chains for vocals, drums, and the mix buss. Offering an assortment of vintage and modern processors, I can shape the punch, character, and sculpt frequencies to make things fit together nicely in the mix.

Amongst my favorite chains is using a combination of the Quad Compressor (a multiband compressor), Opto Compressor (especially on vocals), and the API EQ (drums and guitars).

Above is a screenshot of the signal chain I developed for the mix buss, which was shared across multiple songs of the same album.

Be sure to checkout more from B-L’Attitude as well as my new mix material at http://alexpromix.com/


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